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We provide property surveying services and all our Chartered Surveyors are independent and verified.

Valuation Reports

We are Chartered Surveyors and can provide a more detailed inspection, designed to give the client useful information in an easily readable format. The report includes a valuation figure and reinstatement cost analysis figure.

Clients will receive a report, which will enable them to:

  • Make a reasoned and informed judgement on whether or not to proceed with the purchase;
  • Assess whether or not the property is a reasonable purchase at the agreed price;
  • Make clear what decisions and action should be taken before contracts are exchanged with regard to Legal matters and repair works.

Probate and Matrimonial Valuations

A Probate Valuation is the valuation of a property, formerly part of the deceased estate, and is usually requested by the Solicitors acting for the Executor(s) of the deceased. This report is used for Inheritance Tax computations.

A Matrimonial Valuation aims to provide a Market Valuation, which can be used to decide how joint property assets are divided between parties involved in divorce proceedings. The Valuation Report may be used by a Solicitor or the Courts as evidence when dealing with a dispute.

Compensation Valuations

If you are affected by current or proposed Compulsory Purchase Order proceedings it is important to obtain advice as early as possible. In many cases, your appointed Surveyor's fees will be met by the acquiring authority. Whatever the position, the sooner you act the greater your range of options.

We can provide expert advice on Compulsory Purchase Orders, Certificates of Alternative Development, and the acquisition of alternative premises.

As the process proceeds, we have the experience and expertise in Residential, Commercial, and Rural property to provide all necessary valuation advice. Negotiating your claims for land taken and disturbance, and any associated claims for severance, injurious affection, and accommodation works, we will ensure your interests are protected and you receive the compensation you are due.

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